Bridge section! WIP--"every one look :D" update!!!

ok here is a section of a suspension bridge, its still in the early stages and ill probz get rid of them cables later on. crits badly needed. also does the ligthing look ok on this render?

(more renders tommorow)

I’d say anyone would like to see this render. very cool.

Looking forward to more progress :smiley:

very nice. i love the detail. you might want to light it better so we can see it, but dont over do it :smiley: it might be an idea if you posted something like what you intended it to look like so we could give you some real crits.

i aint exactly added more details, just sections :smiley:

smick: :smiley:

literate: :slight_smile:

[email protected]: im not to good with light settings :(. have you got any suggestions on the light type i should use and the settings i.e. sun set, mid day etc. i havent got any refrences, i kind of just make it up as i go along, its probably a bad method of modelling :frowning:

looks like you have some ambient light in there at the moment. to be fair for what your doing now i would just increase the intensity a bit so it just outlines things a little clearer. lol moddeling wihtout referance is a personal preferance based on what your trying to model. i prefer to use them for technical things but if you cant get ahold of any referances there is no shame in not using them. but like i said its going well will be nice to see where it goes from here.

in the render panel, change your setting to “sky” and make the sky. Then under the materials section go to the world icon and change both colors to white and you will get a universal white color instead of the black, might help a bit till your ready to really start setting up your final render wth lamps and whatnot. Perhaps throw in an area light above the bridge just for some highlights.

The detail work is really nice. Is this based on any particular bridge or are you just designing as you go, I really like how you’ve incorporated a railway as well! very cool!! 8)