Bridge Two Edge Loops - Inside

Bridge Two Edge Loops
I am slowly working through the modelling tools in Blender and I can’t find any explanation of what the “Inside” option that shows up in the Tool Shelf is for!

I understand the Merge and Merge Factor, but not Inside.

Can anyone explain a situation where this would be used?


I have been through no end of combinations, trying to find where “Inside” affects the Bridge Two Edge Loops operation, but haven’t found anything yet. Either I am missing something, or the “Inside” option isn’t working yet.

Anybody got an idea what it does?


well i would tell you forget the blender bridge
use looptool instead the bridge is much more powerfull!

happy new year

Thanks Ricky, but at the moment I am trying to document the operation of Blenders built in tools. I will be moving on to add-ons soon, but need to bottom this one first.

“Inside” is there for a reason, the only problem is nobody seems to know what that reason is!


not important i think
cause there is a GSOC project that will change all that this spring may be
so this internal bridge is already out of date !


I didn’t noticed that “inside” option in the official bridge tool before reading that thread, interesting, i wonder what is its use, or what was its intended use in the case it simply does not work.

Now about functionnality, another in favour of the Loop Tool bridge instead of the official one is that the Loop Tool bridge allow to bridge loops that do not have the same amount of edges/vertices.
While the official bridge tool will simply warn you and do nothing.

In addition, the official Bridge tool does not allow automatic removal of the original faces (when the loops are around faces), while the Loop Tool bridge has an option for that.

Hopefully that GSOC bridge Ricky is mentionning will be as good as the loop tools one

see thread for bevel Howard said that the new bridge tool will include spec from looptool and even more
cant wait to see that new bridge

i don’t use the blender bridge i prefer to use the one from looptool much more flexible