Brief history of the blender logo

Brief history of the blender logo

I guess I’ll leave it at that for now.
Added some comments Ton had, and fixed some typos, enjoy.

Maybe add some “Made with Blender” logo’s for download?
If that’s wanted.

That NeoGeo company logo is probably the ugliest ever concieved:P I hope you didn’t pay anyone for it;)

Oh man! The nostalgia! The nostalgia is killing me!
This is basically what the site looked like the FIRST TIME I found out about it!

Great! This is great!

He he. Go to the tutorials section and click on the one by Alex Penner. You’ll come to some porn site %|

Bellorum wrote:

He he. Go to the tutorials section and click on the one by Alex Penner. You’ll come to some porn site

Oh so thats how you make babies in blender :wink: .

Hey whatever, thanks a lot. That is really well done - concise, clear and captivating. I’m not kidding. I enjoyed it very much.
If I may:
Page 4 mispells - audience as “adience”, chosen and “choosen”,

According to my wife I am the worlds worst speller. These were the words obviously wrong to me. There may be others. There are a few grammatical erros to correct also but I don’t want ot overstep my bounds :expressionless:
Is it time to change or free the logo? I didn’t realize it had not been liberated with blender. Perhaps I overstep my bounds when putting in blender “plugs” in various places?? I’ve made several CDs and included the logo or a facimile pointing to the .org site. hmmm

Really cool to have a little blender history published towards the community. I’ve seen some of thes logo’s comming by when I started learning blender, oooh those days :stuck_out_tongue: I whish we could get such messy website put back online, messy but gave me a certain mood. :smiley:

I really like the current blender logo, and the website is pretty nice too. I hope we can enjoy the power of blender for another couple of years, well even more, I don’t want to be a withness of seeing blender die in my arms. :frowning: Sometimes I think by myself, what if blender was gone, there was no community no blender irc or else. Well it reduces my pc and internet activity by 60% if this all didn’t exists. :-?

You may, and thanks! (fixed them). The grammar errors are cute right?

I don’t think the BF minds you promoting blender, very much the oposite, and a good use of the correct logo only helps.

Very cool Whatever! Thanks…good to know some history.

An office in japan???

Ahhh! I remember that site! :slight_smile: Good thing it got saved, I haven’t seen it in ages. Iceman’s tutorials! If it wasn’t for those, I might not be Blending now…
Funny, I seem to remember the “Blender” title at the top being made from gold-coloured metaballs, not grey…

Oh yeah, and remember that contest, on the newer website, where you had to imcorporate the Blender logo into a picture? I had so much fun with that :smiley:

Never even crossed my mind. It seems to me that it is such a wonderful versitile communication tool, FOSS, that there will always be those who need it and want to help it along. See how small minded I am. Sometimes it is a good thing to exist on the level of mushroom. In the dark and living on guff.
But to tell you the truth, blender is like daylight and first class. Not only because of what it can do, but the philosophical paradigm that propagates it. I think if blender begins to really produce excellent artists and their products from outside of the current relatively closed circles of creative institutions there will be no holding it back.

This logo has always been my sentimental favorite.
Thanks for sharing. It brought back alot of memories.

That was the first Blender logo I ever saw (when I first got v1.80). Even though I prefer the current one, that one still remains fresh in my mind.

I was wondering what the old site looked like, thanks for sharing that.

cool stuff, whatever.

nice to learn about Blender’s not so distant past


this is a bit offtopic, but to Joeri, I don’t know if I have ever said it, but I really do like your design work. (in general)
the style is great, and I like how it evolves… on web pages, logos, cd covers… but still whenever I see new stuff from you, I see the old stuff in it too. it’s great. heh.


Yeah! That was fun.

Thank you for that great compliment, appriciated.
I do need to put up my new work. But collecting costs much time. And most of it is not made with blender, so not very interesting for this community.

It actually makes more sence to have this logo (except the colors)
Looks like the blades in a blender

oh well, the current logo is nice too :wink: