Bright kitchen

Hi. For the first time I’ve tried to recreate a photo. So I picked up on pinterest nice looking yet simple picture of kitchen. I hope you like it :wink:



Excellent render! Did you use any render passes such as AO?

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Hey, thanks! :wink: I haven’t use any extra passes in final render. Whole pp was just some tweaks in color management tab and bit of color balance in nodes.

I’d add some wear effects. Some scratches on the induction plate, very small amount of dirt in the corner or floor, two or three fingerprints here and over there, and perhaps a bit transcluency for the plant.

Also, wooden spoon and fork - they never look this ideal, unless they are freshly created and are not even oiled up - so, I’d crack up saturation and lower the value, fair amount of scratches perhaps but not neccesary.

Also one thing, what on earth is this thing above induction plate? :smiley:

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You’re completely right about adding little defects here and there. But in this case from the beginning I choose to leave materials in their “pure” versions. :slight_smile: I know that the image is not very realistic without wear effects but in this case it was intended. Nevertheless thanks for great advises for the future.
And about that “thing”. I also have no idea what it is :smiley: You can see it on the reference image, so I just tried to recreate it as close as I can.

beautiful design !!!

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The thing is a faucet :potable_water: for filling large heavy pots without needing to carry them back to the stove.

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Thanks! :wink:

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Wow :smiley: You always learn something new!
But to be honest I’m a bit disappointed that the answer is so simple and obvious :frowning:

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U could use some imperfections imo but other that that it looks almost like photo.


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Thanks !!!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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O WOW :open_mouth: Its my first one. I’m honored. Thanks :wink:

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I love this; it’s very inspirational. I’m new to Blender, so basically a total noob. You could easily see your render in an Ikea catalogue as it is! :wink:

I wonder though, why did you decide to make the wooden plate metallic in your render? Was it a time constraint?

Thanks for kind words!
And why metal instead of wood? I don’t know. Definitely not a time constraint cause it won’t take more time to create other material. Probably I liked it more when I was making it :slight_smile:

looks nice…