Bright shiny white for a charachter

I made a pepper shaker: a standard rectangular box. I can’t seem to get it to be shiny white. It’ll eventually have lettering on it to designate it is pepper. How do I get that shiny white color? When I try it, the render looks grayish. For now, it’ll be one color; I’ll get to the rest of the modeling once I have the color I want.


Use a principled BSDF shader, and a HDRI for lighting. Shiny things look correct when they have something reflect. Just like glass and metals, that white ceramic stuff shakers are normally made of need stuff to reflect.

try to increase the scene light
and may be add a Bright node

show us your nodes set up
which renderer is it ?

happy cl

cycles render. Also, it will be metallic type. I am new to this and I get some of the things you are saying. Is there a tutorial specifically for this?
Thanks for the quick response!

node setup is glossy and diffuse. I haven’t played around with lighting yet; I am using blender Guru for videos
Once again, just started


Thanks, I’ll work on it.

have fun :slight_smile:

Read this too…

Here’s my setup. The character will eventually be used in a live/recorded video. The table is used for contrast.


I’ll finish designing the character at some point. Also, ho do I get to lighting nodes? I saw them in one of the videos one of you sent.