Bright Sunflower

Hello, I’m in the process of modelling a Sunflower. One of my main goals is to make it look natural and bright yet out-of-place.
Current Progress:

The Face of the Sunflower is based on this picture.

I want the main sunflower to stand in start contrast to the rest of the image, to be the one living/vibrant thing. My main inspiration for doing this work is for my mother who wants to use it in an image for the local craft fair.

Hello Again, I was able to figure out some problems I was having with array modifier which im using for the inside of the sunflower. It was giving me some wierd/skewed results but switching over to the arrows empty seemed to help with the Arrays.

I’m now working on adding in grass and texturing the petals.

I’m also working on adding snow, though I don’t know if I’ll keep it yet.

Heya, decided to get rid of the (attempt) at snow. I’ve been working on where the petals come into the face of the flower to find a more natural look, and also on creating a stem.

Came across this weird problem where the edges of my particle plain show through my flower.

Redid the grass and a few other things. Also experimenting with the lattice modifier for the background flowers.


Some Progress: