brightly coloured room

Hello all,
I’m attempting some arch-vis with an unusual (triadic) colour scheme. I’m getting to a point where I would like some feedback/pointers, so this is where you guys come in :slight_smile:

Any constructive feedback appreciated!

Very nice work!! Maybe you can try adding a bit more of realism working on those big plane surfaces you have. Like walls, making them like made of plaster or stucco. You could add a noise texture or musgrave both with a mix shader and ad displacement. I saw that Like that you get impressive lights effect. Bit it will affect render time a lot.

A second go, with a bit more work… Haven’t had much time this past week, so took a while to get back to it :slight_smile:
any more pointers?

and another little update :slight_smile:

Latest update :slight_smile: