Brilliant news for Cycles ATI/AMD!

I recently downloaded the 12.3 experimental drivers for my AMD Radeon 5970 and now the OpenCL is compatible with Cycles and works with all the shaders!!! Though it is quite slow compared to CUDA, it is a massive imporvement.

Download the drivers from here:


I won’t belive you until I see this myself…
Which Blender revision did you used?

Still clay render for me with rev 44512 :wink:

how can i update my catalyst on Mac os X ? there are only downloads for Windows

You sure you’re not mistaken? I know in the current blender I can set it to opencl, hit render, and seems like it works, but you gotta set the feature set to experimental, and then select GPU from there, but you’ll get the same clay renders.

@Jantus, you will have to wait for Apple to push out an update through software update.

hammy what are the chances of you testing it on your 7970?

You must be mistaken here. Even if those drivers where able to compile the kernel with the shader vm (which they are not) you would have to explicitly change the blender source code, because regular builds will disable the shader vm if they detect an AMD device.

zal bretch has made some updates and yes hammy can compile his own blender from source. if you read hams 7970 review you wouldn’t be questioning it. and yes you need experimental builds…even for nvidia and cuda. just because you cant compile it dosn’t mean nobody can. has has the know how and hardware. he has top of the line hardware.

First of all, we haven’t heard back from anybody that has gotten it to work with those drivers, neither have we heard back from hamstaq to elaborate on it. All the post says is “it works with these drivers” and it doesn’t say anything about how you need a custom build or what revision you need. The OpenCL DLLs that the BF received are newer than the ones in that preview driver. Lastly, are you sure you are not mixing up people here? It was Herbert123 who did that elaborate 7970 review, not hamstaq.
Also: Being able to compile blender or owning a 500$ GPU are no reasons to not be questioned. By that line of thought I might as well take the pope’s words for divine truth because he happens to wear a really fancy hat.

So far I have not read or heard about opencl working in gpu mode in any AMD driver - yes, I can switch to opencl (Tahiti). Yes, the view and rendering works (at almost 100% CPU load). But switching to experimental mode in the render settings, and selecting GPU compute crashes Blender the instant I either try rendered view mode or regular rendering.

So, Hamstaq: did you try the GPU setting? btw I am not using the 11.3 beta drivers yet - I have read some pretty bad things happening with those, and my system runs rock-stable as it is. So until I have real confirmation the 11.3 drivers will enable gpu-based opencl rendering in Blender, I will stick with the older set.

I have installed the 12.3 drivers and tested whether or not it worked a couple of nights ago… it DOES NOT WORK… it requires modification to the cycles code to make it work (which i have yet to try out)

Hopefully you are talking of the 12.3 drivers and not the 11.3 drivers.

Updated becasue of typo, yes, 12.3

I like this…
if its just the code then what code needs to be reditted…after the codes edited one can release the build+changes on graphical

if its just the code then what code needs to be reditted…after the codes edited one can release the build+changes on graphica
It’s not just the code. The OpenCL drivers that are able to compile cycles are not publicly available.

I get proper renders with GPU (OpenCL) enabled. Perhaps it is trying to compromise the GPU by using CPU.

Wait for mommy daddy Apple to feed you… they know whats good for you… :wink:
Why Give a Corporation that much control over your life and choices?

I’ll try to answer you before a flamewar begins after your words:
It’s a matter of pros and cons. Just file the Cycles case on the “con” side.

pics or it didn’t happen