Bring back old Undo system? It really need it

I did a jump between 2.79 and 2.91, and the new Undo system is bad for me and it obstacles my work. Ticking on “Global Undo”, or off, doesn’t make a difference.
I’ve lost my work already many times with this new Undo system and I’m getting the habit to save lots of copies of the same file and to save a lot in general, very often, because I’m scared to loose the work and when it happens I’ve to redo everything from the beginning.
This can’t continue like this because yesterday I was doing some paid job and I lost 2 days of work because I couldn’t Undo anymore an Object modification (applying a modifier) while there were a lot of Edit Mode Undo steps due to progressive selection with ctrl +. And I overwritten it by accident. And I forgot to make more copies of the same file for 2 days, because I’m still not used enough to have this continuous anxiety of the Undo system. So yeah now I’ve to remake everything.

I really need a plugin to have the same Undo system as 2.79, no matter if it’s a paid plugin or free, I just absolutely need it for working normally.
Or I need that the dev teams make it optional in the settings, at least.

Please tell me if you have any temporary solution until something gets done about this problem…

Have you checked your autosave directory? It is more or less reliable in my experience.

File → Recover → Autosave

Thanks, yes I didn’t think about this, I have to check at what point I saved… But still this shouldn’t be a normal step of a normal workflow, any time you have to select with progressive selection ctrl+ you have to reopen the file? Can’t be reasonable…

I need to have anyway a plugin or something… I buy it if it’s paid, it’s just vital for working normally for me.
So beside the fact that I’ll sort out my issue today for the paid job (using a backup file or remaking it) I’ll still wait with urgency for a solution for the new Undo system.

Behavior of undo can’t be altered by an add-on. In fact, undo interoperability for add-ons is pretty awful, so much so that add-on authors have to resort to ugly tricks when developing “pretty” modal operations.

Thing is, if you need more than 32 “select more” operations, chances are there’s a more efficient way of selecting things. But, have you considered increasing your undo steps in preferences?

No undo would protect you from accidental overwriting though. But increasing your save version count in preferences might help (i.e. so that you not just have one .blend1 file, but several).

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In 2.93 there is a ‘legacy undo’ checkbox you can enable in Experimental in prefs. I was having the very same issues before I enabled this.

Edit: my issues were solely from regular crashing.

Oh does it save a separate history per Mode like 2.79? I’m really going to try it right now. Thanks a lot

(And thanks everyone who replied!)

I don’t know. I never used 2.7x. All I know is that Blender doesn’t crash on me every time I hit ctrl+Z :wink:

I do not understand what you mean. Can you clarify? I have never had that problem.

I mean, any time you’re going to do some steps like that (like progressive selection, that “eats” steps), you have to first save before, then do what you have to do, then if you want to undo like if you were in object mode you have to reload the file because likely you’ll have already surpassed the limit of your undos with the ctrl+ selection. I think this shouldn’t be intended to be part of the regular workflow…

Yeah this wasn’t my problem and enabling Legacy Undo didn’t solve it… I still get the same new Undo system (with or without Global undo), and restarting the program. Thanks anyway.

Selection is destructive, so must be undoable, this must very well be part of regular workflow. Pressing ctrl+, on the other hand, 32 or more times (32 being the default number of undo steps), I can’t picture as “regular”. As I mentioned before, there’s probably a more efficient way of achieving your desired selection, i.e. without so many steps.

I keep ctrl+ pressed, not pressing one by one, sometimes using L or selection with C or others doesn’t fit…
Anyway I need to stop having this continuous anxiety of undo and to have the feature back so I will still wait for a fix anyway because I don’t want to keep working like this, meanwhile I think I just have to downgrade to 2.79 for modeling then rendering in 2.9+… I was getting used to 2.8+ interface and keys and now I’ve to get re-used back to 2.7+, whatever. If there will be a paid option for this I’ll sure buy it.

Now that could be a good suggestion for the devs to make that modal (i.e. consolidate all growing/shrinking into one op so long as the hotkey is pressed). Actually, unlike changing undo, that can be made as an add-on.


Yeah this would be also a desiderable alternative indeed, I just wonder if there are other similar situations…
As workflow I was used to go to object mode as a “checkpoint” before doing something experimental in edit mode, then be back with tab to cancel everything in 1 hit. If reverting the legacy one back is impossible, maybe the ability to create manually checkpoints could be also a thing… Because this was my main usage in 2.79, instead of saving the file itself. Considering Blender can save the entire file in Global Undo, I think making a manual checkpoint is also possible, and possibly recalling it with just a key (so that you can also Redo to the last step again, without loosing the history as you’d do if you save & reload the file)

Checkpoints are indeed possible, though far, far from trivial as add-on (it’s actually one of my upcoming additions into Forgotten Tools, and I think something along those lines may even already exist in one of MACHIN3’s add-ons).

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If by any chance you’ll remember this thread, please put the link here too so that me and others that might land on this thread will find it… Thanks!

I don’t get it. Why isn’t increasing the number of undo steps a suitable solution? Is it a memory issue? I think you should at least try using a higher number of undo steps before switching to 2.79. I think they had to replace the old undo system for technical reasons (maybe it was because of the new dependency graph). You probably won’t see that behavior reintroduced in a later version of blender.

If this is why you need the old undo system, then you could try making those changes in a duplicate of the object you are working on. If you don’t need to delete geometry, you could also try making those changes in a shape key.

Your best bet is probably to increase undo steps and then use “Undo History” instead of regular undo lots of steps at once. This is the command: ed.undo_history.

Hi Dinne7,

In addition to options mentioned by other users have you considered other backup strategies? Here’s a few add-ons that may help with your workflow to help minimize lost time.

Cheers and happy blending!

This might be a long shot, but are you by chance using the UV Hightlight addon? I’ve recently discovered that this is a source of edit mode undo/exiting edit mode frequent crashes. I found this through other users’ experiences and had the addon installed myself. It remains to be seen if this is indeed at fault, but the issues reported by others were exactly the issues I was having regarding undo crashes.