Bring in the pyros!!

So as you guys may know, I’m in the Intensive care unit with pneumothorax, so I’m really bored :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s what I did today, it’s the front end of a flamethrower. I am using no references at all. I play TF2 a lot, so I have an idea of what it should look like. It’s my own concept (working on getting an image from my head to blender) So far it’s spot on to what I’m invisioning, except the textures, I’ll work on them more later.

Crits please!!!

Oh, I still need to work on the flame xD I know it looks terrible =/



Here’s a quick concept, the thing on the back is a shoulder rest.


wow you are bored!! I guess I would do the same lol… There should be a thread to post things that you made because you were bored…

The fire is very nice! :wink: The animation was cool too!

Edit: The flame doesn’t look too awful xD that’s how mine looks like ha ha!


First person view.

Still gotta work on texturing =/


Final renders of the night!

I like the last one the best :wink:

I think I’ll do a similar one for the final comp =)


Here’s a quick shot of the gas tank. It will be belted to the pyros vest.

I just threw on some quick textures I made =X


Started working on the gas tube. I rigged it with IK targets (It’s a great rig ;))



Changing the style to pseudo toon… so it’s inbetween cartoon and real… I changed a lot of the materials on the tank. It’s shinier and more corroded.

C&C please!!


Another update =)

w00000 I’m loving all this feedback :wink:


Btw I also had pneumathorax, twice. It’s nasty.

Man,that flame is wicked!Did you do that with the particle system?

It’s all the particle system. and nodes…

All toon shading too…


I added a pilot light to it! That took a while to get the textures to look like that!



You really need to write a tutorial on those amazing particle effects! It’ll probably be the best looking fire effects for a while, and if you add Blender 2.5 smoke… WOW.

Hehe, no time for a tut now!

Maybe I’ll do one later and add it to my tut site…


That’s a great Flame! How did you make it?