Bring physics simulation into another game engine?


I have made a wall and fractured it using Blender. I then animated a ball hitting the wall, but letting the physics simulation take over right before the ball hits the wall.

I then checked the record animation button when using the “Game Engine” mode in Blender. My question is, is there a way to export this recorded physics simulation (as it has no armature or bones), and then import it into another game engine (such as Unity 3d)?

I was told that since the wall did not have any actual bones or structure, it is not possible to get the physics simulation outside of Blender itself. However, I’ve also been told about the point cache animation option. Would exporting the animation to a point cache file work?

The main goal here is to animate the wall breaking at a certain point (in Blender), and get that same animation into Unity. Is it possible?

The ball should of been saved based upon rotation and location I would assume that should work. The Wall being fractured not so sure. I would try exporting it as an FBX and then import it and see what you get when the animation is played.