Bring up object creation settings

Hello. I started learning blender recently.
I changed the sub divisions and radius of an Icosphere. The ones I added next came like that which is fine. But then I wanted to get an icosphere of default settings but that option wasn’t there. Please enlighten me regarding this matter.

Welcome, :tada:

Edit → Adjust Last Operation or F9

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I’ve tried it but it shows the settings of the changed object. I wanted to change the settings to that of the standard icosphere.

Though there is an option in the video I’m learning blender from, I believe there are a few changes in the blender version I’ve downloaded.


That is normal behavior in blender. Each time, you use an operator ; its values are the ones of last use.

If you want to reload defaults, press backspace over value or do a right click over value to have access to Reset to Default value.


Thank you very much.