Bringing a character to life

Hey Blender artists! I’m new to character modeling and I’m finding that my characters look pretty lifeless/expressionless. I was wondering if any character modelers in the forum could provide some useful critique in the way of giving a character more… character!


To give more expression/character you should go away from the default/modeling pose.
Add a shape key and tweak the face to give an expression that match the personality you want to give.
As it’s only a face you can’t play with the arm / dressing . It’s all in the face that we need to see that it’s a living character with emotions and unique behavior.

Keep in mind the camera also, why she look away ? is it intentional ?

Eyes are wide open, even if the other facial features looks quite relaxed, that gives a kind of poker face look. Have you thought about it or it’s random ?

Of course you can fix some little mistakes here and there , but with a proper facial expression I’m sure it will be much convincing, it’s not bad at all already !

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Thanks for the suggestions @sozap , they really did make a big difference!


Nice ! That’s indeed much better !
It’s a bit of a scary look, the expression is subtle enough to be believable.
Do you plan to continue to work on it ?

Yeah, I think I will. It’s a big learning experience for me. I haven’t done much character work.