Bringing a rigify rigged character from 2.79 to 2.80

I am trying here because I didn’t get much of an answer in a 2.8 category. I hope this is ok:

I loaded a rigged character from 2.79. I cannot see the controls. If I go into the outliner and dig into rig I can turn on wireframe for that control and then I can see it. I cannot select all the hierarchy of the rig and do this, seemingly. Has anyone got a workaround for this because I don’t want to hunt down the controls one by one to do this. Also, all my groups seem to be empty, so I cannot select that way.

Is this a bug with 2.80 that I have to wait to be fixed?


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I have discovered something here: if you toggle off shapes, all the bones that form the rigify rig show up. Anyone else know this and have a fix that works better than tracking down each bone and toggling wireframe? Thanks.

Sounds good. How do you “toggle off shapes”?

Hello. I was reporting a discovery. My desire is to have those shapes available. This problem does not occur if you build the rigify rig in 2.80, only when you load a rigged character from 2.79b. The only solution I have see to this is going into each bone and toggling on wireframe. This is painful. I was hoping with this revelation, someone knew something about the code and could attempt to fix this. I guess this didn’t work.

I have a rig that I built in 1.79. I was hoping there was a new solution. I am aware of the tedious way of turning on wire-frames. I’m just worried about missing some important part of the rig. Not much is discussed in the way of improving on this problem. It would be great to have a script that would just turn on all the wire-frames at once, if that is the only issue with the rig.