Bringing armature into another file

How do i load a model and armature from one .blend file and put it another to create a scene?

i can load the mesh of the body but not the armature.


thanks everyone

load the armature from the objects thing just like you would the mesh

This to me is kind of rough…I think Blender could improve on this fashion. Hit SHift - f1 and then goto the file you want. Drill down until you hit Armatures and the appropriate one you want. Click it and load it.

Wa lah…nothing happens. Actually it’s there it is just not added to your scene. as a way around it, I add a junk armature (space -add -armature) just make one bone. Then goto object mode (IMPORTANT YOU WANT TO GO TO OBJECT MODE otherwise something odd happens to the mesh you import). make sure junk armature is still selected and then goto …I think it’s the edit button but one where it will say something like this AR:armature1 or something. Click the arro next to it and then you should see the name of the armature you imported. Click that and wa lah your junk armature becomes the armature you import

Hope this helps
PS there is suppose to be a better way but this was the only one I could figure out how to do.