Bringing eyes to life?

I’m working on this portrait of a person and I’m having issues with the eyes, not because I don’t know how eyes are shaped but because of the material settings. I have created the eyeball and made a small valley for the iris/pupil. Then created a sphere around the eyeball to act as a lens, the picture below is just the eye lens using a glass material. There is a sun lamp that realistically would create a highlight in the eye but the glass material won’t show it. It’s also killing the dark pupil and the values in the iris.

Is there some way to create a realistic lens for the eye, something that doesn’t darken any part of the eye just is very reflective? I suppose it would act a lot like a mirror just not opaque?

The eyes look to be in shadow to me - hence why no bright highlight.

To prevent darkening of the iris - use the lightpath trick to mix transparent in with the glass

Ok thanks so I got the glass and transparent shader hooked up, now what light node do I put in what mix shader node? It’s not exactly obvious, a lot of them to choose from and the video doesn’t address it.

Is shadow ray.

Is this correct, that’s what the eye currently looks like. The pupils still seems a bit greyish and I don’t think the eyeball should be shaded that way so I guess the material is wrong.