Bringing objects from other .blends

So I have an object from a seperate .blend that I want to bring into another. What process would I use to do that?

Shft-F1 (or File >> Append), navigate to the donor file and click the OBJECT library, select the Object with MMB (Middle Mouse Button).


Ever since I upgraded to 2.42a appending objects hasn’t been working for me.

[Edit] Actually I just found out that for some reason it’s only appending things to layer 4 instead of 1…

[Edit 2] NM, It seems to be appending things to the same layer that they’re in in the donor file. Oops.

LOTRJ, click “Active Layer” in the Library Browser’s header.


ok maybe I am just not getting how it works, but in the other .blend there is alot of objects I want to append how do I append them all at once?

Try selecting them with SHIFT+LMB.

You want to use RMB which will highlight your selection. Clicking multiple or dragging will select more than one.

Yes, you’re right. Whatever mouse button you’re using to select objects.

You can also press [a] to select all of the
objects in the Object directory at once.

and it really helps if the objects you’re appending have reasonable names instead of sphere.001, sphere.002, plane, plane.001, plane.002, cube.

Thanks for the discussion. This was something I needed too. It is useful to note that if you bring the objects in one by one they lose thier parenting relationships but if you bring them in together they will remain parented.