Bristol Prier Monoplane

This is my 1st presentable Model that I have made. It is a Bristol Prier monoplane. I currently need to know how to make a texture for this, and also comments about the model would be great.


look at the wing’s tip
this need some correction to get a really smooth mesh here

but it’s a good beginning

keep up the good work

can you give some historical facts about this airplane - would be interesting

happy 2.5

Thank you!!! I fixed the wing… ish and found how to texture. All the facts are in the Wikipedia article linked in the original post. Most interesting: only 34 were made… ever

last year i did the Bleriot XI !

are you going to model the motor too?

happy 2.5

Would be interesting to see it in edit mode rather than in object mode. For the textures, I couldn’t help you at all because I simply suck at it :(.

Can anyone help me with textures