*&*$£%$£$!!!!!! BRITISH CAR INSURANCE!!! ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!



Sorry :expressionless: , I had to blow off some steam - it’s just that I get so annoyed with trying to find some car insurance that doesn’t take an arm and a leg, and then go for the remainder. I had ideas for a Toyota Aygo with 3rd party insurance (the lowest you could go) - only to find out that I couldn’t get 3rd party insurance on a new car, and so would have to cough up £1700-£2000! FOR A FECKING TOYOTA AYGO!!! :< :o

Now I knew and expected insurance to be high, since I’m a student in full time education and have held a drivers licence for only a few months, but this was taking the mick (I had expected insurance for about £800 - £1000).

To make matters worse - the best insurance I could get for my age was a Fiat Panda (1990) for £950. £950?! For a RUST BUCKET?! Then, my friend (who is a girl) managed to get insurance for £450! THIS IS A COUNTRY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A DEMOCRACY!

I tell ya, when I get the chance, I’m emmigrating, to America, and getting a car that won’t fall apart.

Any thoughts? :-?

Become a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if even Finland has such high costs for insurances…
Cars suck, if they pollute.

My first premium was £750 and I’m not a girl, though according to Wu, I like to dress like one so maybe that helped :P. You have to do a lot of searching for a good company and a car that doesn’t cost a lot to insure. My first car was a Rover Metro and it was a heap of sh*t but unfortunately that’s the way it goes. I agree with you on the subject of women getting cheaper insurance because it is blatant sexism. If anybody tried to do the same for men, all hell would break loose.

Insurance is a nightmare for the first couple of years but once you get a decent no claims discount, it’s not too bad. It’s still taken me 6 years to get down to £270 though. The car I own now, or sorry I used to own up until this morning when it was stolen :(, was an old VW Golf 1.6. So now I’m going to have to go through that headache of claiming from my insurance (blood out of a stone), and searching for another rust bucket. Just when things were starting to go quite well, God is right there to push me back in the sh*t.

The thing I hate about insurance is that I have never once had an accident and yet I’ve paid an insurance company over £2000 and what’s bothering me is that now I’m going to have to claim, they’ll do anything in their power with excess charges and what not to stop me getting any money from them :<.

It’s no wonder why people drive without insurance and defraud insurance companies.

I tell ya, when I get the chance, I’m emmigrating, to America, and getting a car that won’t fall apart.

Don’t bother. It’s not that much better here, but at least women don’t have an unfair advantage, due the prevalent stereotype that women are poor drivers.

Fiesta 980cc here, followed by Rover Metro.

Advice: Buy a cheap-ass, used car. It’s your first car and there is a pretty high likelihood that if you don’t break it some other dick will drag their trolley down the side of it when you park in Asda. If you park it at college/uni some wise-ass will run over the top of it and you’ll have to spend a mint hammering out the dents and respraying the scores left by their baggy-ass levis. (three hyphenated ass-words…make that four. good going me :slight_smile: )

You are screwed, straight and simple, because…
Stereotypes exist for a reason. We may or may not agree with them but insurance companies base their quotes on them, (I hear they even use actual statistics on occasion).

As soon as the insurance company see your application they think something alone these lines…

You’re a young guy. Stereotype: You will drive like a wanker and pay no attention to the speed limit. You will buy as large a car as your budget allows. If you can’t afford a large engined car you will put a cheap fat exhaust pipe on it to make it sound like a big car and parade around the streets gawking out the windows to ensure that passersby see you or dicking about with your stereo. In neither case will you pay attention to the road in front of you or your suroundings. You lack experience handling a vehicle. You will make up for your lack of experience by driving like a tit. In your mind you will turn the intricate manouver that is overtaking into an octane-fuelled, Jerry Bruckheimer-esque acton sequence. You will drive with the carefree abandon that young males apply to most areas of their life with little or no thought given to the consequences of their actions and how they affect others around them.

It sucks when you first get screwed with high car insurance, but like acne, students political views and gothic clothing, you soon outgrow it :slight_smile:

Go without insurance :smiley: Or find a country where insurance isn’t needed. You could also go buy horse, they have no insurance.

Just to be awkward…my wife insures her horses. Dunno what terms though…third party, fire and mud-itch or something I guess.

Just to be awkward…my wife insures her horses. Dunno what terms though…third party, fire and mud-itch or something I guess.[/quote]

There’s a law that force you to insure your horse ?

Well, Democracy has nothing to do with fairness, just majority rules and those majority often happen to be women %|

But you could charge more for a women if you work for them, since there gender has to compensate for your male insurence.

Seems very fair to me. If they complain and refuse just tell them they should be iliterate mules and fellow mens profession like they should. Got that line from Conan O’Brian.

Try either Greenlight or Adrian Flux. Both have .co.uk websites.

I’m with Greenlight and they saved me £1000 over my last policy.


Did you put student down on the form?

I seem to remember they hike premiums for that. Not that I’m suggesting you lie or anything as that could cause you big problems if you have to claim.

There might be something else you can put down.

You might also want to check your post code as they use crime stats per area to adjust your premium.


Who would steal a VW ? They are like cans with bad fuse.

I used to own up until this morning when it was stolen :(, was an old VW Golf 1.6.[/quote]

:frowning: Sorry about that man, that’s a sacrilidge (I don’t mean that sarcastically) - VW Golfs are good cars… :frowning:

Some little sh*theads who I wouldn’t think twice about bashing their faces in with a hammer. That’s what pisses me off so much because it’s not worth much so I would get next to nothing for it from my insurance despite me paying over £2000 for insurance and nearly £1000 over the years on the car itself.

These shtheads give the excuse when they are caught that the people who own the cars can claim off insurance anyway but it just doesn’t work that way. If my insurance co. say the market value of my car is £150 and I have £50 excess, how the fck am I supposed to buy another car with just 75,000 miles on the clock, new exhaust, new carb, new sump etc. for £100?

My policy says that my claim won’t affect my no claims discount but these companies always have ways to screw you out of money. Hmm, now that I recall, I think I had a £500 Pioneer stereo system in it. Oh yeah and a £1000 laptop :D. My trouble is, I’m too honest so I wouldn’t even do that but this situation really pisses me off.

Thanks and you’re right, they are good cars. It was really reliable for me and I got a good deal because it had really low mileage despite its age. I just don’t get why anyone would want it because it’s not as if scrap yards pay for cars any more and it has next to no resale value. That makes me think it was just some dumb little wankers like the kind who I see a lot round my way that piss me off generally and that makes me even angrier.

You could get a onstar installed that way if it does get stolen, the company can track those basterds down or a gps tracking device.

My suggestion, 12v battery + transformer + metal car body. Make sure that the transformer increases voltage though, not ampage (that’s what kills) up to about 100v, and connect the system onto the car body. Any btd that decides to try and steal the car…bzzz, fried btd. Heh, heh :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Insurance is required in Washington state, but I haven’t been insured for over 7 years.

I currently drive about 3000 miles a year. Most people do at least 12,000. It’s not fair I would have to pay the same rate.

Also, insurance as agist and sexist, it discriminates against the young and male, and then says they have statistics.

Imagine, going in for a life insurance policy, as a young gay black male, and being told it will be 3 times more than for a middle aged white straight female, because statistics show your chances of living to 45 are lower.

Now imagine life insurance being mandatory.

State sponsored discrimination in my book, and I refuse to participate. Plus it messes up the free market system, and lets insurers charge more than their service is realy worth.

Which is why we need to get rid of the insurance law and replace it as a form of rule on the highway owner that makes people liable.

Study shows that more hot women are to blame for accidents because they get turn on by fast driving %|

They are also more likely to put on make up while driving as well as nag on the cellphone in a loud annoying voice.

Like I said, charge more for a women client to compensate the cost of car insurance.


Car insurance may be mandatory but choosing to drive is not. If you would like to drive you need insurance.

Don’t be a NARC