British Colonial Sitting Room

Hey guys.
So this is my first post to the Blender Artists Forums. 2000 Samples at 1920x2916 resolution, rendered in cycles and post pro in Blender 2.75a.

Would love any C&C. Enjoy:)


I think this is quite lovely. I don’t understand why people haven’t posted here. Truly like the vibe. Reminds me of some of the open houses I’ve been to lately. Very good work

Jolly good show. It looks really nice. Mmm, but where are the biscuits?

Well done indeed.

Thanks so much. Kinda gave up on checking back for comments as it wasn’t getting much interest, so wasn’t I surprised to see 3 replies! really appreciate your feedback:D

Waiting for the biscuit generator in Blender 2.78a :wink: Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

g0ps1e, never be disheartened by a lack of replies. BA is not an exception in that respect in fact it may even be ahead of the curve. That is an internet phenomenon. Not worth wondering why but it is rarely a reflection of your work.

It looks very good a bit too symetrical to me, but very nice anyway.
But I can’t help but wonder, I have seen a very similar image already very long time ago. Is it by any chance based on some other image, have you posted similar image anytime and now worked further on it, or am I going crazy? (I am ain’t I? :-D)

Inspired by Module 1 homework on the Architecture Academy:D I did the AA years ago but was going back recently and doing some of the extra homework lessons. I make a living creating Architectural Visualization for Interior designers and Architects, and whenever my business goes through a slow patch I go onto houzz, the AA or anywhere I can find house plans and cool spaces and I create them in Blender to keep my skills sharp. You have a good eye.