british world war helmet

Ive had a erge to do a army scene with only a helmet and some sort of enviroment, problem: I dont have any ideas for the envo. heres some pictures of the helmet. ideas for the enviroment i put it in would be much apreciated:)


Ontop of a cross marked Unknown soldier of (whatever regiment you want, whatever division it was in) is all i can think of

Go with “Sig. Livett of the Royal Signal Squadron. 2nd Battalion, 45th Regiment, 36th Squadron.”

Possibly even my army number: 25230690

I will feel so honored if you do :slight_smile:

[On a side note: That is my real army details, if anyone here is in the IRA and try and get me, I will happily unload a clip from my SA80 at you :))

Yeah not bad matt,

Try rendering it with AO on like I showed you.

Oh, and get your email out of your sig, its not good. You will get spammed ok?