Britney Britney One More Time!!!

Hi. She is my dog named Britney. This is only a speed sculpt practice turned into a work in progress. In this one I tried to play with some fur and lightings and after some struggles im happy right now with the results. Gradient background is only temporary and it will be a room. Still needs a lot of tweaking like the materials
and textures. Sculpted in blender and rendered in BI.

Here is a video timelapse of the sculpting if you want to check it out. Forgive me of the framerate because my computer was slowing down while sculpting if the recording frame rate is high…

And here is a descent image quality of the render -

100% Nice! Like It!

@RNS - 100% Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Haha! I agree with RNS! Very nice model! Only critiques I have aren’t even for the dog (collar, tongue, and whiskers). Since you already pointed that out, though, there’s really nothing. Great work! I’m sure Britney is very proud. :slight_smile:

Nice work.

looks great! the nose and tongue look a bit dry though, maybe you could increase the spec and hardness just a little.

When I saw the title it scared me a bit because it made me think of Britney…Spears shivers
But thank goodness it is not that. :slight_smile:
The dog is very nice, the fur looks fabulous and there is something about the eyes that just make this great. The one thing I’m not sure about is the length of the mouth/nose area. It seems somewhat stubby to me but for all I know it could actually be that way.

Yep. I think i have to redo the nose texture because the bumps look right in gsl mode but looks different in rendered version.I will also try to put some subtle sss and play with specs a little bit more. Thanks

Hi Thanks. Actually i named her after Ms. Spears. The stubbiness maybe is beacuae i used a high angle of view. I set it to 135