BRMCO Ray Gun (Weta Competition Submission)

Hi Everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve polished off my gold plated Blender keyboard and whipped out something ‘just for the fun of it’.

But when the competition to design a ray-gun came up, what could I do, I was practically frothing at the mouth to get to the computer.

Well here is my entry, Please create an account and vote for it (either good or bad, it is your choice), don’t forget to vote for the others you like/dislike.

My entry:

Also I welcome all critique on this even though it is finished. Deadlines force compromises so I realise it is not 100% perfect.

Cheers Guys,


Very nice! Was the blue ray itself party of the render or used with another imaging tool? (gimp/photoshop)

I ask cause I’m about to work on an animation and I’m considering rays or red lasers, but we’ll see.

In this case the lightning, and the glowing brain were both UV textured objects.

The lightning was a simple jpg found on the net, and then edited to be transparent in Photoshop. In the submitted animation, these bolts are flickering, this was achieved by animating the textures “transparency” value to randomly flash on/off. 3 different objects with this texture applied (and different animation timings) make the final animation look a little more random/real.


Bump because I need votes!!!.. but only if you like it, so vote honestly and fairly, and vote for everyone else’s that you like or don’t like.

Your time signing up and voting is super appreciated.



That’s kickass.