#&@% Broadband, 56k RULES

hey guys check out the download speeds of my 56 K connection.

they could kick the pants off any broadband connection around!!!




LOL i wish my 56k was that fast…

Haha!! My broadband dls at 56.7 mb/s. I like my pants where they are thank you.

No really, is that a dial-up? How on earth could it run that fast?


caching or half-bad calculations.


caching or half-bad calculations.


no no no I’m sure it it really got at the speed!! lol

nah, probably bugs in the program…

Nah, sometimes the speed jumps up REALLY high when you first start, especially with a download manager. I’ve downloaded 500k files sometimes in 1 second with my 56k.


… it say he already downloaded 47mb…

yea sometime it go very high during a few second…but never at 29mb/sec!!!

are you sure you don’t mean 56.7 Kb/s

because that speed would be belivable!!!

but mb/s is a bit of an exageration!!!



But it means he’s only been going for 1.6 seconds.

If he started the download before and cancelled it, the first 47mb might have been cached, which would allow it to be loaded a lot quicker.

Is this duel Broadband we talking about ?


this is 56k Modem that i’m talking about.

it must be the new Winmodem drivers that dad got.

FANTASTIC, i never knew that a phone line (single phoneline BTW) could be so good.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, sitting here using (for the last day) a LAN connection capable of ~100MB/s (Although the best I’ve ever got was ~15mb/s, can’t remember who from, think it was tucows).

From now on it’s 56k aaaarrrrggggg!!!

yeah my LAN does 1000 mb/s (one Gb/s YAY)

but my internet only does 56K


i hate 56k modems oh well they still work don’t they.

ahh that’s nothing. I reach a whole 5.0KB/s sometimes! can you believe it?! a whole 5.0… Huh? what?.. oh right… nevermind… :-?


You know what’s fun?
100 Mbps ethernet cards with a crossover :slight_smile:


why is that fun.

why isnt my 1 Gb/s ethernet card more fun LOL


I hate 56k modems. I can’t get broardband where I live. ISDN is too expensive. I wish my modem worked that fast. Where did you get those drivers?

sorry skating kow.

but it has nothing to do with drivers.

it is infact the caching issue that someone mentioned earlier its physically impossible to download the fast, or even write it to disk that fast.

na my real download speed is only 5.5Kb/s which is pretty decent for a 56K modem.

anyway sorry to disapoint.