Broadcast 2000 successor???

(Timonides) #1

Hello to everybody.

First of all, I am new to this forum so I would like to tak the chance and express my frustration :frowning: , about what is happening with Blender. Keep fighting Ton, we need Blender alive…

Well, lets get to the point. This morning, I read an article about a video/audio editing software called cinelerra, which is supposed to be Bcast2000 successor and which you can find (guess… :wink: ) at!!!

Although, they say (in the article), that it is a real pain in … well you know where, to compile and install, it looks very similar to its predecessor (bcast2000) and it also appears to have a lot of improvements. If things are as they describe it, it would prove a great tool to use it for making our movies with Blender.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will sure check it out this weekend and I will inform you if I have any progress with it.

                        Bye for now and keep Blending!!!!!!!!!!

(malefico) #2

Well, you know, Cinelerra has been in the net for a while now… I downloaded (from the backups at sourceforge since it is no longer available at heroinewarrior) and tried to compile it. However I could never do it :frowning:

I’ve heard of some GCC 3.x realted problems and I probably have to upgrade to it.

If you have success, please tell me.



(kino) #3

i’m interested too, compile CL it’s a pain :frowning:


(Timonides) #4

Hello again.

I have allready tried to compile Cinelerra with no success :x .
I know that it may be stupid to insist in compiling such a stubborn piece of software, but since there is a possibility that Blender will share (I surely hope not :-? ) a similar fate as bcast2000 and since Cinelerra is in some way the continuation of bcast (who wouldn’t wish that there could be some sort of continuation for Blender!!!), I guess that as a matter of honor, I have to give it a try.
I 've checked their forum at sourceforge and they mention things about using gcc-3.x and setting the CFLAGS variable, allright as Malefico mentioned.
So I’m going to upgrade to gcc-3.0 and see where it gets. Stay tuned, because if I finally get some progress with that, you will be the first to know (ofcourse :wink: ).

                                      Bye for now.....

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Hi skontar.

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O.k. that’s enough valarking!!! :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have warned you, you olddeadandforgottenpost’s graverobber, not to mess with my posts!!! :x :x :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now it’s going to be just me and you. :x :x :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Meet me in the ultimate duel thread…

Just choose your weapon!!! :x :x :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )


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it looks as valar king wants to progress in his postings…not long ago
he wasn’t a Forum Monkey, now he is 8)

(PowerMacG4) #8

I tried Cinelera. I don’t like it. Its seem very Toy storeish, like it should have came witha Barbie Doll kit. But I come from a Final Cut Pro 3 background.It warns you that its tough to compile, I take it they made it that way. Code is probably broken.
I hope Blender don’t go that route. There is no reason it should be hard to compile.

(Timonides) #9

PowerMacG4, I think cinellera mustn’t be confused with other profesional tools.

If you consider cinellera as an opensource project, I believe it is a very good effort to bring video editing into Linux platform. You have to know that I have also being using MainActor for Linux (which is a profesional package), quite a while and cinellera seems to be equally good.

There are some problems if you try to compile it from the source (I had to upgrade to gcc-3.0 install nasm, and “play” a little bit with some peculiar environment variables in order to make it work…), but herroine-virtual have recently released, an rpm, which does the job pretty much o.k.

If you have the money you should go and buy a more professional tool. But if you don’t, then cinellera is perfect…


(kevin3d) #10

Has anyone tried Zwei-Stein for free ?

Else there is MainActor for PC & Linux for small price.

Microcenter has Pinniacle Studio for about $80…this is supoosed to be pretty good as alternative to premeire.

(Grizzly69) #11

I use Zwei-stein on occasion. I use it mostly for bluescreening. The interface is somewhat confusing, but I like it.

I also have Pinnacle Studio 7 and think its great. As far as I know It doesn’t do chromakeying. Other than that, it has everything I need for video editing.

Also, if you can find the older beta, Axogon Composer (now known as Mainvision) is pretty cool. I use it to make laserbolts and lightsabers mostly. I think mirrors the old beta.

(Timonides) #12

I think cinellera does chromakeying.

But I believe it’s strongest point (as it was in it’s predecessor Broadcast2K) is audio editing!!!

(since I haven’t used them…) I don’t really know anything about zwei-stein and the other programs that you mention.