broadcast opening

this is the very basic start of a broadcast opening and I’ve run into a problem, I want to put an image on the backside of the turned page and I’m not sure how to do it. and if anyone knows of a good tut for creating turning pages I would like a link, I think I understand the general idea of rigging it but I’d like to make sure.

I’m using ver 2.57

*as usual, the vid looks choppy in browser, it’s smooth on my comp.

Here I had just seen this last week:

that was excactly what I was looking for, thanks, I’ll be posting my progress.

so after watching the tut I came up with this, so far i like it but, I think I need to put more curl in the page as it reaches the top. I still need to work on color and lighting as well but I thought I’d post what I’ve done. learned a lot today.

just a render to check timing and test out some stuff i haven’t done before. I’d love some comments on it, I’m still wrestling with what to do for a backround. maybe wood.

so I’ve hammered out a few more things and have also added sound as well, after the page opens I will be having a video clip come out but I’m still undecided if I’ll use blender to do it, there will be 2 video clips coming out per turned page and the entire thing should be 30 seconds so this is just a third so far. could really use some professional input on this.

I used blender to do my video passes and it seems to fast, perhaps passing both videos at the same time in some manner would look better.

added lighting effects and did some video pass changes.

That’s pretty impressive.

thanks, I’ve never done anything like this before, I look forward to seeing the end myself at this point but I think there should be more on the table but I can’t decide what.a glass, maybe the base of a lamp a pen or pencil, or the corner of a Bible perhaps.

this a render of the same above but with a catmull render.

I’m sorry I had to laugh. It sounds like Mario is during the tutorial.

still a good tut though, I learned alot.

This is for the most part what it will look like, I have some things to add as far as background goes, I’m thinking a pen, a base of a lamp and a candydish. I will be adding some sort of titles to the video passes as well. I’m not to thrilled about the end and will be changing out it’s action, haven’t figured out in what way yet. some crits would be great.