Broadsword Heavy Fighter

I’m starting work on a Broadsword Heavy Fighter from Starsector (used to be Starfarer), here’s what it looks like in game:

Here’s what I’ve made so far, still to come is the cockpit and the engines, along with some guns and small details

looking good, can’t wait to see the rest :3

Your model looks very blocky. Are there other reference images from other angles? It looks like a top-down old video game, perhaps when moving sideways there are sprites showing somewhat different angles? When I look at the ship (lowres reference) I’d expect it to look nicer with more rounded shapes on the sides and upper side. The shading on your reference image is difficult to read though.

It’s a top-down strategy game, called Starsector, so there’s no other angles, this is just the base model, I will be detailing it and adding other parts soon :slight_smile: