Broccoli Minotaur

Hi Blender artists :slight_smile:
its December and the year is almost to finish…so…before I start something new, I would like to show you my latest artwork…please, let me know what do you think, comments, critiques…everything you want to say about this :slight_smile:
I really need feedbacks and suggestions.

made me laugh :slight_smile:
Good job on the fur!

The background isnt that good…maybe try just a simple studio background. You know, the wall with the curve to the floor.
And the skin of chest and arms looks a bit of. I like it on the nose but for the rest i would try a more simple shader. But it can also be the noise on the chest that throws me of.

keep it up!

Thanks for your feedback !
So the background would be better if empty? I added those columns to give story to the character…you know…the old Greece :smiley:
well, maybe adding more DOF would have been better I think.
About the skin: yes, there is too much noise on the shader. Now I can see. Will try to make it better next time!

Nice idea and good job :slight_smile:
The fur is indeed the best on your character. As Thijs Linssen said, the skin shader is not so good and the elbow bend is not natural. The fabric looks quite rigid and the brocolis looks like a single solid.
I don’t think the background so bad, as you said it tells a story. But the texture of the columns looks too repetitive.

You should also consider give a more assymetrical and dynamic pose to your character.