Broken Background function?

Hey guys, I’m new to Blender and I read somewhere that the background tool for tracing is broken :confused: and an older version of Blender is needed. I understand that Version 2.48a is fairly recent, does it not work there too? Just wondering.

What do you mean “background tool for tracing”?

I was following a tutorial on making 3d logos and it said that you can import an image onto the screen and trace the image into and actual object. It said that ever since version 2.37, the function was broken. I was wondering if the new version was fixed, or if I have to use an older version of Blender.

Backspace, be nice next time you’re refering to some web page to post a direct link.
It’s not nescessary to chalenge our memory to figure out what it’s all about.
You are reffering to this tutorial:

If you look at the posts you can assume that it’s dated around 2006
You misunderstood the sentence:
“Note before you begin: unfortunately as of Blender 2.37 the Background Image that is used below is broken.”
Blender won’t trace the image for you. You have to trace it manually as explained further it that tutorial.
Press View->Background Image…
Load your logo image
Create a bezier curve and start extruding the control points, while creating the outline of your logo parts.

Ah now I see. I’ll note to post a link next time, thanks.