Broken Beat and Scarred

My first real work in a very long time, please be gentle :o

Made with custom Build of blender, normal map was made with multires baker, little post in Gimp,

hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Overall it looks great!
A slight consideration though is that his rear-end sort of looks like its floating a bit.
Also his right toes are mashing into the marble a bit too much.
Other than that , it looks great!

Hey mfoxxdog, are you looking for crits? If so, here are some :slight_smile:

I think the arms should either have the weight of the upper body on them, supported by the legs, or be hanging , pulled by gravity. It looks like he is looking at something on his left arm, as opposed to being generally sullen. There is also that highlight on the right inner arm that should be more diffuse, its very glaring, it is the highest contrast part in the scene and I doubt you want our eyes going there.

Feet are well modeled, right seems to be sinking into the platform while left would be more interesting with some toes bent around the edge, as if his weight is really on his legs.

Also, the ribs are too high? The abdomen would be compressed more. Naval a bit higher too?

It’s a nice composition and I like the sculptured look, I think the weight needs to be there- this means where the legs/arse contact the pedestal as well…

The problem is that it feels like a solid piece, so off things tend to stick out more! Uncanny valley if you will.