broken column

hey guys,

i began a new wip :slight_smile:
a broken column.
i was just looking at flickr and saw a nice picture about the fallen column of zeus.
The first thing i did was looking for more pictures of it and i saw this one.
Now i tried to re’blender’ it :slight_smile:
I still got to do some sculpting on the crack :frowning: (what brush do you advise, and what program zbrush or blender)
but i need a good way to texture it.
I think unwrapping it is not a good option.
(and blender crashes if i do it to quick :P)
But now i tried to do it with node editor and just some textures.
But now i got this :frowning: :

What is the best option?
(and i know the texture sucks XD)


i think the problem is that you can tell that the bumps on the texture are part of the texture and not the model.
are you using a texture affecting the surface normal.

lovin it!!!

indeed i’m currently using a texture that s*cks :stuck_out_tongue:
just tried another tex
It totaly didnt do the thing i wanted XD
So now i’m going to look for a nice sandstone texture(or make one) for the lowest cube.
and a nice white marble tex(or make one) for the upper 2 parts.
like this one.<- click-able :slight_smile:

Only the prob is the sandstone :frowning:
I don’t get a good looking one…
The ones i can find are all to raw to use.
and besides they are ugly :’(
for example:


If you’re asking whether you should sculpt it in blender or zbrush, and you have access to zbrush, then yes… you must use zbrush for the simple reason that you can achieve MASSIVE amounts more detail in it than in blender. Blender simply goes too slow or crashes when you subdivide it just a few levels. It’s a great program and i often use the sculpting tool to just smooth out or quickly and easily modifying my base mesh in ways that would take a little longer in edit mode, but it really cannot compare to zbrush in terms of sculpting. Believe me, zbrush is incredible in that respect.

I dont see why using uv’s are not an option for you though, i think itd work a LOT better than what you currently have. You could convert most of your details from your zbrush sculpt to a normal map and apply it to a much lower poly mesh, and you could paint a really nice diffuse map for it. So in my opinion, go for zbrush and go for UV’s. A nice specular map couldnt hurt either.

did another render now better :slight_smile:
here it is (click for high res):

that’s it for today :slight_smile:

you should have scratches and mud on it to show its old

Agreed it looks much too smooth and clean atm.

Also if sculpted in zbrush that broken area could look a million times better

indeed i’m going to add some mud and scratches :slight_smile:
and about the broken part.
first i sculpted in blender, but now i have a trail of zbrush.
And if the trail is over i’m maybe going to buy it :slight_smile:
But i will resculpt it in zbrush :slight_smile:

edit: can’t resculp it :frowning:
i screwed it up to much…
If i sculpt it again(with my very bad skills) i get a horrible result XD

I got inspired by this thread and did some modelling on my own. Way to many vertices, I know, and I wish I’ll ever get started with materials.

Keep it up!


very nice :slight_smile:
(and i made a big mistake with the vertices also, now i got loads and loads of vertices XD)
i like the broken part.
got one question:
if you add textures, do you want to use sandstone or marble?

And i got some problems with the dirt and the scratches :frowning:
Don’t know how to make it… (i know i’m still noob XD)


You should lower the specular. Stone absorbs a lot of light. It will look more realistic.
Other than that it looks good.

Did you use rhino or nurbs for this model. Look excellent.

Try using this texture

under map input use “glob” and Cube and adjust the size X size Y and size Z to correctly scale the texture. there is nothing to complex for this method and you get none of the visual distortion that can appear from the UV unwrapping process. the model is great! when the textures are great it will be an awesome image!!

The specular on this generally is somewhat too high, but on the broken part, the specular should even be way lower… :wink:
It might be worth a try to use oren nayar instead of standard lambert for diffuse and use a high roughness for the broken part…
Else, it’s very nice so far :smiley:

A nice Uv unwrap first. Export in zbrush. Have fun. Do some nice normal maps and save them. Flip UVs vertical. Export in blender as obj. Import normal map too. Have fun.
Here’s some low poly baked experiments.

why dont you try several UV maps for the different sections? ive had some success with this to get complex textures with very large images (4kx4k) and that works very well. You might also try and use blender’s texture painting feature. its normally used for environment (mountains etc). that way you can use the lightmap unwrap function, which will give you accurately spaced and sized uv patches, then you can load your texture image and paint it onto the mesh… you have to paint in 3D for this to work, the lightmap UV is totally unusuable in a 2d editor…
otherwise, cool column…

i did a lot of columns like yours

high and also low res with subsurf

but never took the time to break one and do the UV mapping

the bottom of the columns looks like high res details
so did you use the subsurf to this ?

interesting broken column!

how many vertices for the whole columns ?

happy blendering