Broken Crystals

No… not that kind of crystals :eyebrowlift:

This is actually for a cover of a sample library (stuff for musicians)
Here’s the link:

And a little printscreen where you can see the material nodes:

Cheers ^^


Errr… not sure what your point is, but thanks for the bump :slight_smile:

Thats really all you did to achieve the effect in the image? Outstanding! looks really good for such a simple setup

I really love what you’ve done.
Using 3D to make graphic design is awesome and your artwork is very nicely done.

That setup produces the image that you can see in the viewport mockup on the right of it, then i played a bit in photoshop to achieve the final look. Glad you like it ^^

Yeah for me it’s just easier (and faster) to get to somethin nice if i do it in 3D. Thanks :slight_smile:

“We used a different chemical process, but it is every bit as pure” ;)Very professional design work.

I saved the node tree, even applying this material to a single sphere gives an amazing result. Great work, I like the image a lot! 5*

Thanks. Glad you like the setup too. Guess I’ll post more of these node trees in the future. :slight_smile: