Broken Direct X export

I’m a total noob, currently working my way through the Noob to Pro Tutorials. Currently playing with this one:

I got impatient and exported my house before I got around to the window and doors. See attached blend.png and x.png file. When I import the Direct X file back in, all 3 objects (house, roof and chimney) are the same colour and they have all morphed together. I don’t understand why this is the case. Is there something wrong with my .blend file, did I mess up the export, or is the export script a little temperamental? I have seen this behaviour more than once.

I have no particular desire to use Direct X, but my results with the 3DS or .obj exporter are even less encouraging. As far as I can tell, the 3DS exporter doesn’t work at all, but I figure this must be operator error.

I am using Blender 2.45 (Linux & Python 2.5).


No it’s not broken. It looks like the roof, chimney and house are three seperate meshes. When you import them their locations are reset to 0,0,0 (as you would expect in a game engine which is what the DirectX format is for) so they all appear at the same point. Join the three seperate meshes into one (CTRL J) before export.


Another suggestion if you dont want to join all the objects into one mesh.

For each of the separate objects, in object mode hit CTRL A to “apply Scale and rotation”, then try exporting. Does that fix your problem ?


ardee, you were right. Thanks a lot. The solution confirms my status as a noob.

GeoffW, I tried what you said as an alternative solution, but it didn’t work.