Broken Flowers (interior)

Greetings all,

I’ve visited these forums on many occasion and never posted. I enjoy Blender as a hobby and have recently been inspired to try harder at it and make images of my own. I used all of my limited experience to create this image and although I believe it is finished (I will continue to work on the rest of the house) I believe the experts among you will notice many things wrong with it.

This is why I post it here, so that I can learn. I used Blender Cycles to render to 800 samples and would like tips to show more realism in the project.

thanks for looking!


A few things is not quite right in there but the artistic value is brilliant.
What was the inspiration?

Could you tell me how you created the flowers?
I’m also a beginner in Blender so I can’t tell you what’s wrong in this picture. For me it’s a beautiful piece of art. :wink:

@subseth Thanks for commenting. Honestly, the inspiration was seeing enricoceric’s work with Blender + Octane and being mesmerized by not just the realism of the renders but the beauty of the shots also. I am tempted to pay for Octane to try the method myself but I do not currently have the time to learn an entirely new workflow when I’m still learning Cycles. From an artistic point of view I liked the painted-white furniture and wanted that handmade effect - it is a dining room I would like in my house one day!

Could you tell me the details of what mistakes you see with the images, so I can learn from them?

@ikbenmaarten The honest answer is that I found a free .obj of a bunch of flowers first, then edited them using displacement modifiers and manual tweaking. I new the camera would not be close enough to pick out exact detail so no need to spend time sculpting every flower. Then I played with the materials (and watch Andrew Price’s Cherry Blossom tutorial) and textures - there are 3 or 4 different materials/textures to add variation to the flowers. Thanks for looking.

pretty well done, i like the global atmosphere of the scene. Amazing work

@Ridetheflow Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

I can see maybe three little things:
It seams that the light is coming from the right, but there are no significant shadows. The book has no shadow under it. The texture on the table should have bigger resolution.

But, I don’t like to criticize a good job, which it is. :slight_smile:
By the way, I own an octane license and it’s worth every cent. Although, I bought it when it was only 50 eur or so.

@Thanks - good points that I’ve taken note of. Adding more rooms to my ideal house: