Broken fonts

I really don’t know what category this should go in so I am very sorry if this ended up somewhere where it shouldn’t be.

Anyways. Some fonts just don’t seem to work in blender, good examples of this is the Minecraft font that can be found here. And the F25 Bank Printer font which can be found here.

I can’t seem to fix the issues that I’m having with them and I really need to use the MC font right now so any help would be appreciated.

Broken Minecraft font (In Blender)
Non broken Minecraft font
Broken Bank Printer font (In Blender)
Non broken Bank Printer font

I am using blender 2.83.2 if that helps.

For me minecraft works but the Bank Printer is broken

You can try reporting the bug

sometimes developers fix them the next day

Same here, Minecraft one works fine, apart from being thoroughly horrible to look at anyway, and the other one is broken. It’s the font’s fault, not Blender’s. It’s extremely badly designed. Here’s how one of the characters look in Adobe Indesign for example

So Minecraft just works straight away? Strange. I can’t get it to work, and sure.

Seems like the “Report a bug” feature is only for specific errors. I’m not getting an error. Its just acting weird.

“Minecraft one works fine, apart from being thoroughly horrible to look at anyway”

Besides, i need it for a Minecraft project so I don’t really have a choice.

And wow huh. I suppose its more the fonts fault than blenders.

The second one is definitely messed up at the font level. It’s even more apparent if you open it up in something like Illustrator and convert it to Outlines. You can’t blame Blender for not knowing what to do with it.