Broken freedom (Mild nudity)

Hi. I just finished one small shortfilm thingy with the following setup. I rendered this “gallery” version with differend background (so this is not a shot from the actual movie, but quite close). It turned out pretty neat so i decided to put it up for you folks to see. Enjoy

It’s sweet! I really like the depth of field effect with the tree…

Heh… yeah i guess its pretty good for the fact its just backbuff picture with ton of blurr on it. :slight_smile:

long legs that she has there , but well , it is still good , maybe change the expression of the face , and you might make the navel a little smaller , …
and you might put something in the background rather than the sky

good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah 3dguru… i suppose you are right. That was my first Female model. .so its bit experimental… And in the film there is rocky wall behind the model so it should look better in there… Oh also note that this has been modelled about month ago. Just rendered yesterday. hmm…

Nice work. For your first female model, thats pretty good. Could use some minor touch ups, but a great start! Keep it up.

Using the Rule of thirds would make it a stronger image.