Broken Girl

Sometimes in life, people got hurt, they are broken, but it’s still hold togther!
Only be tough that makes you strong !
Live !

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Tell me what you guys think to help me get better1

Prety nice, but you should use a smouth shading on the model as some areas of the eye brow really appears as polygons.
If you wanna keep these hard edges, I would pinch them with a sculpt pass and use a Normal map on a subdivided mesh, so that you can have hard edges with a more realistic flow.

Interesting picture anyway

well, you got me, i meant to do the flat shading thing to simulate stony look! and also, that hard edge did give you the illusion of eyebrow right!

Thank for your opinion :smiley:

here some wirefram

and the Nodes for you guys want to know :smiley:

Wow thanks for sharing !

Nice work! Thanks

There is something fascinating about this image, both a feeling of life and death… makes me think of Gears of War 3 ashes statues. Great work, it certainly tells a story =)

Thks for all of your opinions :smiley:

MrCravate, that what i was aim for too, WOW somebody understands it :smiley: