Broken Image Links

I’ve been noticing that a whole lot of posts have images that are no longer hosted on their respective websites, and therefore the images uploaded here just appear with the little broken image icon…

Does blenderartists not host any images themselves, and is there any way this can be fixed/is there a better way to display images, so that they remain? The only reason I ask is that, when looking for a particular thread to resolve some problem I am facing/to learn something new about blender or affiliated programs discussed here, I’m running into walls because the images that clearly display this are gone.

Kind of making it difficult to use this site as a tutorial assist…

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Our forum does offer some support for hosting images (you can upload them as attachments to your posts). However, that’s not a requirement that people have to use, so folks are welcome to link to images and files off-site. Our forum does not do any local caching of those images, however. We can’t really be responsible for the uptime of other sites.

i have not had any issues with “imgbox” or “imagebam”
and the imagebam links are at least 5 years old

but for links that are 10+ years old ???