Broken Mesh

I am having an issue with a shoe I modeled, it has a sub surface modifier and mirror modifier (neather applied yet)

all is fine until I try and apply the Mirror Modifier then

I can edit the model just fine make any and all modifications to it but if I try to Duplicate the shoe it also destroys it, and help or answers please ,… do I need to start over is the mesh broken and not salvageable?

Thank you.

Edit: After cleaning/clearing up the scene of items I cannot share (licences agreement on a dev kit) I was able to apply the modifier.

I am attaching it anyhow (without the dev kit parts) to see if someone may be able to give me a clue as to why it was deforming so badly with just a Mesh Body and a foot template, I did have the mirror modifier set to the mesh body which was also the source of the weight transfer maybe that’s why?


High feet Help Blend.blend (1.32 MB)

You’ll need to upload the .blend file for further inspection.

Indeed. And in addition to that the Mirror modifier should always be the first in the modifier stack.

Maybe it’s how you applied the modifiers since I see that the models have shape keys to it, which usually force you to go through an intricate route in order to apply modifiers with shapekeys. Next time try using this add-on and tell me how it goes: Add-on ShapeKey Helpers

Now I don’t know how you did it but there’s also another way by pressing Alt+C and converting it to mesh, just make sure you disable or remove the SubSurface modifier before doing that.

Thank you for the replies and help also the add-on will be helpful to me Thank you again.

Tried installing from file that addon and can not find it in the list to activate it sounds like what I need or can use though I wish the scripts or addons where easier I have several I can not even get to work by doing the py by hand install.