Broken Rubik's Cube

Hello everyone! I’m new on this forum and I’m french so I’m sorry by advance for my bad english… :o

I’m working on scene and I would like to have some feedback/advice to improve my actual render :

In general it’s pretty nice. I like the composition. But there are a few things that I would improve:

  • everything looks very new: floor, doors, walls. Add some scratches and bumps so you recognise a kids room
  • the focus is on the toys in the front. But they don’t tell a story. What is special on the toys that it’s worth looking at them? Think about what you want to tell and adjust the items
  • what I could imagine in the this scene is this: put a teddy bear in front, show a little girl running towards the window because dad is waiting there. That would tell a story, has an emotional touch and brings everything into perspective.


I think that the cube looks way too unimportant, it should be eating up a little more pixels… :slight_smile:
Few object and camera adjustments should fix it, if you’re having problems with that, try rule of thirds.

Thanks for your advices guys!
Here is a new render :
Close up :