So basically i got dumped on friday and was feeling like sh$t all day, but blender as always is a great outlet for frustration, it’s fairly abstract but i’m sure you’ll ge the point, it’s a 3 step pic. feel free to interpret it how you want

I like what i am asuming is blood… was that done with the new fluid dynamics or was it modeled… either way do you mind sharing the material settings.

personal tragedy has long been a powerful source for inspiration. The material settings are amazing.

on a side note, sorry you had such a bad day. :frowning:

dreamsgate: thanks for the sympathy, every bit helps, hopefully i’ll be over this soon and be able to continue with the face i was making.
xm4r5h4llx: i modeled the blood, it wasn’t too hard, when i get some time i’ll post screenshots of the material settings and wireframes of the blood, for now here are the written settings for the blood:
I rendered with yafray.


Lambert Ref. 1.00
CookTorr Spec.:0.38
Hard: 65

“No reflect/Transmit”
Ray Mirror 0.2


another version, the caseing looks a little bit more like ice which was my origanl intention that i abandoned once it didn’t work out.
Screen shot of settings: