Bronze material for cymbals. Input welcome.

Inspired by a back issue of Blender Art Mag, I tried making my own bronze material for use on drum cymbals. (Thanks shannon.)

It has five different textures, three are active here. The other two are “dirt” and an attempt at simulating hand-hammering. So I guess these would be clean and non-hammered.

Lighting is a bit frustrating to me right now. (Next thing to study.) This is lit with three area lights, samples on 2 to 3.

Anyway, main focus here is the material. Any input on how to improve it or ways to change it are welcome.


On this page you will find links for tons of different materials.

Whatever you did looks pretty good for the cymbals, but it obviously didn’t work out so well for suzanne. Definitely NOT an organic shader, heh.

You’ve got a nice brassy diffuse color, and the typical circular streaks cymbals have, but the spec light is white. Try changing the spec to a yellow or orangy color.

Thank you for the advice. I changed a lot of stuff including the shader and ditched Suzanne in favor of a pair of bells. Now the circular stripes look more like lathe marks and I added another texture for something like machine hammering.

One thing that bugs me is the super dark shadow inside the small bell. Ray mir depth is set at 4 and shadow samples on the area lights are like 3 to 4. What’s causing that?

Thanks y’all.


I don’t think the shadow inside the bell is any darker than the dense shadow under the cymbals. It just looks odd because the shadow is cast on the bell instead of on the floor. Try using a hemi fill light to brighten up the interior of the bell a bit. Looks like you might have some normals problems or some UV seams. Try recalculating your normals on the meshes (ctrl+n with everything selected in edit mode.)