bronze woman sculpture (nudity)

Hey. how goes it guys?

Well, here is my first modeling project in ages…

It is supposed to represent the constant male oppression of the females, and wanting to sculpt the female form in western society… it’s also just cool. The hands and clay were modeled by me, and the woman was originally a rollerskating waitress made of like 20 polygons I found on the net, So i modified it heavily. Plenty of photoshop in this one too…

Great model!
But the Bronze… :-?

that’s it? 100 views, one response?

oh well.


I happen to like the bronze :stuck_out_tongue:

A great concept Nayman and well executed.

I like the bronze too actually. :slight_smile:


good ideas here, and very clear too! not too weird or abstract :slight_smile:

the bronze doesn’t look too bronze-y. Why does it fade from silver-grey to yellow-bronze?

Well. Everyone falls for the nudity “warning”… :slight_smile: I like it. There are some points in the picture, which don’t look very connected, but this is a strong picture nevertheless. Good work.

well… i dont much like the idea of the picture… just makes my hair stick up for some reason… not sure why. to me… it feels a bit korny. also, it doesn’t look like oppression. looks like the sculpted woman is feeling very good, reaching for the stars.

also in general, I think it’s the western culture, that forms humans. not just men doing something to women. we (men) are also forced to be, look and act ln certain way, so that we are respected, and seen as people that have succeeded in life. it’s always more, faster, forward… do not be like the losers that work in the library! be something.

ok, that was the crits of the idea. then the model.
good looking sculpting… the hands of man could use some work. fingers are a bit strange looking, flat like… and is that thumb actually coming throught the females leg?

I also like the way color changes from gray to bronze.

the lens flare… well… lens flares in general are things you should avoid if not especially needed.

oh, and finalyl the pedestal(?) is cut off strangely from sides…I guess this is photoshopping?

that’s it :slight_smile: nice to see something a bit different for once. thanks.


yeah, the idea of opression weasnt real in there…
I was just throwing it out
i kinda wanted ot make something pretty and scultural, thats all.

i don’t like it, thats all i have to say…srry

very artistic - I agree with the rest that the material can be better.

I see the oppression in it, to me it looks more like the woman is pleading for freedom, wanting to reach the stars, but when your eyes follow down you see that she is being held down by a monster. I like it, but I agree it doesn’t look like bronze. A face behind the hands might help convey your “male” image.

I like these blender sculptures we’ve been seeing lately. For this one, I don’t think I like the material transition. It takes away from the sculpted feel. You don’t see that in physcial sculpture and it pulls you out of it here.

As for your theme - well, you already said you were just throwing it out there. But a testament to your art is that several people considered and responded to the stated them, so whether they agreed or not, they considered it “art” enough to comment.

I originally didnt have the transition in there, but it really didnt look as good… it is in there because she has been held back for so long she is starting to com,ply almost, I orignally was going to do a sculpture bing overtaken by the clay it was sculpted from…

Anyhoo, Mystery, just curious as to why?

This is not bronze shader! Your model is made much good. You must learn to make the shaders

I don’t understand all the quams about the bronze… it’s not even supposed to be realistic, I just called it bronze as I was at a lack for a better name, anyhoo, if it means that much I may change it…

Good work Nayman.
I don’t think the material is a big issue. As, you guessed, it is probably more a wrong choice of words.

I like the transition between the surface material of the lower and upper parts of the sculpture. Good to see some variety in subject matter on these forums. That should hopefully be multiplied with the new gallery.

thanx for the kind words

Bronze??? No your kidding, it looks more like Gold and Iron. :smiley: Great, it’s even better then bronze, just change the topic into Gold and Iron. 8)