Brother Bear (Update : Making Video )

(draguu) #1

Brother bear -

Done in blender2.75
and edited in Gimp

Hope you like it

Making of "Brother bear "


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(Meshmonkey) #2

Cute! I love it.

(harleynut97) #3

Wow… those are sweet characters. Great expressions and the fur came out fantastic. I’m curious if you do much post processing on the fur?

(Lordum) #4

Nice! Love it :).

(FelipeDelRio) #5

It looks like a painting, really cute.
I just think the leaves on the right are too bright, but great render :).

(gr8!) #6

Awesome! :slight_smile:

(whopperlover17) #7

You have great talent! Amazing!

(draguu) #8

Thank you soooo much guys

(MmAaXx) #9

this is super cute ^^

(ShacharHarshuv) #10

Cute and perfect! love the feeling you show in that picture.

(NID Graphics) #11

That is soo cute!

(Ace Dragon) #12

I agree with the others on the cute factor, though my mind keeps wanting to see them as chipmunks rather than bears (the stylization is pretty aggressive to say the least) :slight_smile:

It looks like a picture you could frame for a child’s nursery, I see very good appeal for the younger crowd.

(gradyp) #13

Cute and cudly :smiley:

(tyrant monkey) #14

Beautiful work

(Ovnuniarchos) #15

Man, you really nail the cute look!

BTW, part of that fur is simulated by a texture on the skin, is it?

(S-Markt) #16

man, i get a diabetic coma from so much cuteness

(Eyestabba) #17

Very nice work :slight_smile:

(X - Ex) #18

Aw man, I have a weakness for adorable bears. This one takes the cake good job man I love it.

(meetai) #19

cutest bear-squirrel (bearrel?) ever.

(Astro1derboy) #20

I’d watch a movie like this. Very nice work!!