Brother Bear (Update : Making Video )

How much work is done with Gimp after rendering?

That’s very cute!! The lighting is great in your scene!!
One thing, There’ some strange artefacts that are visible in the honey, on the close up. Is that from the render or in the Jpeg compression?
Strange that you didn’t remove that with Gimp as you did some post work…
Anyway, it’s just for being picky. It’s great job and a well deserved top row. Congrats. :slight_smile:

Dayum son! That’s some concrete work. I wish I could do such beatiful things :slight_smile:

It looks great!:slight_smile:

I absolutely love it. They look so full life. Thanks very much for sharing, this is realy great.

Wow. Absolutely amazing. Yeah, cute and all that. :slight_smile: But I’m particularly blown away with the consistent color scheme. Like the pink on the right ones nose, lips, partly fur, and the left ones one foot and nose. The brown and orange brown used all over, with green eyes (on a bear? :D) matching the background and grass.

You say edited in Gimp, but I would like to know how much is done in post (noise, blur, color, effects etc). Mind showing the raw render output and describing what was done?

Awesome, very cute ! thx draguu for sharing.

Sizes of Harribo gummy bears.Sweet.

Nice job! What camera settings did you use? If you don’t mind sharing.

really cute…

Nice work…

haha you are picky dude… you found it , cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man

Thanks a lot for all the kind words sir :slight_smile: i really appreciate , i havenot edited a lot in gimp . just tweaked little specular in the eyes and added front foliage and did some little color correction ,

soon i will post making of video i hope you like it ,

Thanks a lot for all the awesome words there :slight_smile:

i used very basic 35mm camera and default settings , nothing fancy there :slight_smile:

THank you

Awww, so cute! Nice work!

Cute AF, no crits here. Banging job!