Brown Sofa tutorial + download

Hi Blender artists, here is my new 3D model, hope you like it, only requirement for downloading is to leave your opinion about the model on the comments below :wink:

acces this link for tutorial & download :


This sofa looks very good.

As far as I know, this model isn’t your creation. You’re the owner but not the creator. You should clarify this in my opinion, and mention the artist that made the modeling and recorded the process that you present on your Youtube channel. He should take credit too.

My agreement with the creators was that they get credit when people watch they tutorials, so they get credit on youtube videos. I can’ t give credit to them everytime and every place i advertise the models.

Does the tutorial included physics simulations? just wondering because i will try to follow it using 2.8 and physics makes 2.8 Alpha throw a fit and CTDs.

The sofa is very realistic…very good work!!