Brown sugar (Cartoon)

Hi. It’s been a while since I last blended and posted something…(almost 2 years)

I’m glad to see that the blender community is still so active and well!
There’s some really astonishing work to find here. Congrats.
My can’t compete, but anyway here it is.
(some colour adjustment in PS)

Look here, it’s my wife and I. Oh wait I’m not sweet, I’m bitter. Wrong couple.

Really cool picture.

nice man, nice

I hope it doesn’t rain around there. :smiley:

Sugar could be perhaps a bit more grainy.

Really nice pic! I like it. :slight_smile: The only thing I see that strikes me as a little of is the material on the suitecase. It could use a bumpmap and specular adjustment. Other than that I’d say it’s very professional looking.

Great style!

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Fantastic! :smiley:
Very complete scene.
Can we see a wireframe?

Very nice work! I love the background and how it fits the tone of the scene (not too photo-real - did it come from a tweaked photo or is it modeled?). My only thot would be to put a different material/texture on their shoes, or make them look like they’re barefoot. Flipflops would work great on the white one, while those reclining should be barefoot (with big toes :slight_smile: ). Also, I agree with BeBraw that they should be more “crystaline” textured and have a few “cracks n chips” in 'em… As is its much better than I can pull off!

Thanks a lot for your C & C. :smiley:
Really encouraging.

You’re right.

I Agree.

I thought about a different shoe colour and decided against it.
Barefoot with big toes and Flipflops is definitely a good idea.

The background is a tweaked Photo plus a half transparent plane with a bumpmap for the water.

Oh well, thought I posted a finished project. %| But now … Let’s see what I can do :stuck_out_tongue: (in the next two years ?)

Thanks again.

hey man! good to see you! great render too!

Hey, nice scene, good render! Especially I really like white sugar material, how did you that? Any procedurals? Scene has mood, keep it up :]

Hey I noticed that cup of orange juice there and I have a question if you don’t mind me asking?

Would the brown sugar be drinking the orange juice or would the orange juice be drinking the brown sugar? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the lighting on this one, it’s very natural and realistic. I’ve got to learn 3-point lighting.

Oh, one more question:

how did you make the orange juice inside the cup. Did you just model the basic shape and add the material? I’ve been seeing and making a lot of glassy objects but never have I made one with liquids in them, and I just would like to know how you made that orange juice, much appreciated.