Browse finished project, or gallery, by date

hi ba,
I’m a long time user from past days, who lost his username and password.
It’s a bit of a shock to see the forum completely reworked, and I think it must need time to accustom to it.

One disruptive thing I notice is the gallery and finished project sections. I mean, they look gorgeous and friendly, at first, with the images shown directly in the list, but if I dig them a bit deeper, I can’t figure a way to browse old forum pages easily. The old version let me click on those 1,2,3,4,5, etc… button to bring me back through older and older works until, let say, june 2015. Now all I can do is to repeatedly press “fine” button on my keyboard to let the browser load more pages only to see I gone back 3/4 months… :unamused:

Is there a way to jump directly to works from a specific date? By year?

Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.

I’m afraid not. You’re looking at a regular forum list but displayed by thumbnail instead of title. Discourse offers no such date selectors.

thank for the quick reply, bart.
I think that’s a heavy cons of otherwhise good discourse upgrade.

I don’t think there is a way to momentarily switch to old forum version…

You’re the first to complain about that in the three years that we’ve used it, so I don’t think we have a real problem here :slight_smile: (and no, we can’t change back)

never meant to even ask that :grin:
I was hoping for an old archive, somewhere, to browse. I tried waybackmachine, but it’s showing its limits.
I know nowadays discourse is the way to go, with badges and tags, and so on… is what brings an old style forum to social networking experience.
It’s a pity, nontheless, the lack of something so basic like ability to go and browse for some “ancient” content…
thank you anyway