Browse history on featured row is broken

While you are at it, whenever I (and presumably others) click on featured row up top, then hit back button, I end up back at previous site I just came from, not the homepage of In other words, somehow homepage is not getting stored in page history when clicking to one of the featured pages. It only does this on the featured row, and nowhere else in site that I could find. I use Chrome.

Hmm indeed. Can you test on please? I’d like to switch to a completely new system.

PS: As this was not entirely related to my specific question I moved your question to its own topic.

That link just goes to a placeholder page…

Ah my bad, try again?

Works! Site isn’t going to white, umm, right?.. I likes me my dark gray ba site!

Haha no, that’s just the default theme :slight_smile: