Browsing Blender talent in northern Europe

This is a post going out to the nordic/european Blender talents. I have been talking to the CEO at a post production house in Sweden. They have an animation department today and they have shown a big interest in the possibility of extending this department with a Blender division.
They are mainly doing commercials,TV-shows and features and are expanding in the animation area this spring. They are also branching out in producing content for the web and print.

I did a quick search of members and found 103 from Sweden…
I am not trying to recruit people on empty promises here, I would rather like to do an inventory of talent in our area and see if there any real possibility of making this happen.

So if you are living in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland or the northern parts of Europe and think that this would be a challenge, step up to the plate and please post here or contact me for more information.


Does the land of the leprechaun and ever green land of the feairy folk count. Was in sweden last year at a film festival. Sweden rocks

No one ever needs Canadians … sniff!

Who can say no to leprechauns? :slight_smile:
You are most welcome to contact me. As I wrote, for now Im just browsing talent and interest to see what we could come up with. And the distance to your green island isnt that long.

I would love to engage the canadians, my only concern right now is that the distance would make this project hard/impossible to start up. If I can make something happen and there is a possibility to hand out isolated tasks, then we are talking. After all, I have heard a rumor that somewhere there is supposed to be a whole bunch of computers connected together in a big network. I think i heard them call it Internet? :slight_smile:

Since I got contacted by some people last night I realized that even thou Sweden is a small country, it might help to specify where in Sweden I am refering to.
Stockholm is where all this is taking place.

hmm… well i reside in Tallinn myself, and i have only kept myself to modeling and texturing, so i doubt im what your looking for. :slight_smile:

anyways, good luck with this. :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting Felix, as I wrote earlier, right now all talent is interesting.

Thank you for the link, will check it out and see what I can find there

it aint that far at all. 59 euros with ryanair - can’t go wrong:o

you could check on sweblend and you will find more scandinavian users there I think.

looks like were in the same boat eh?

pass me a tissue please. I’m from New Zealand.

Thanks for that, Ive put up a post on the swedish blender forum.

As I said earlier, lets see how this works out :slight_smile:

I thought you guys where busy doing LOTR 4,5,6? :slight_smile:

i thought it was The Hobbit. :eyebrowlift:

Hej Mattias!

Vad kul att ni fått upp ögonen för Blender :smiley:

I’m studying in Kramfors at a school called Powerhouse. At the moment we have “LIA” and I’m located in Tranås.
I’m graduating this spring and as my future plans go, I will make an atempt to make it to IAA or SOFE. Why another school? Well, put simply, Powerhouse didn’t reach up to my expectations :confused:
And it’s always fun to learn more.

Any how.

I’ve been working with Blender in, hmm… 4 years I belive. I havn’t done much animation, mostly modeling. I’ll try to upload a video I’ve made some animation in though.

Very interesting idea you got there, looking forward to what will happen :slight_smile:

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